This summer I decided it was time to get serious about my physical activity. I was one of those people who had a gym membership that I paid for every month but had only been sporadically using it, once or twice a month, since I signed up over a year ago!
As I have never really been an overly athletic person I didn’t really know how to use the gym machines and weights and it seemed a rather daunting task to learn — I decided I needed some help! After e-mailing back and forth with Jeff, the owner of Dynamic Fitness, he put me in contact with David, a personal trainer he thought that I would work well with. I have now been training with David since August 2015 and I couldn’t be happier with my results. David is an awesome personal trainer who has taught me a lot about working out and eating clean. With David’s help and guidance in the last 10 weeks I have lost 10lbs (1lb per week), however I have dropped two pant sizes!! I am now a regular gym goer, maintaining a 4 times a week workout routine and can finally start to see some good muscle definition.
Signing up for personal training sessions was the best thing I ever did and has helped to kick start
my fitness transformation. David and all the staff at Dynamic Health and Fitness are great and extremely encouraging. Thanks for all your continued support!
~ Robert Boettcher

Robert Boettcher 27 Active Member Since: May. 2014

Having grown up being an athlete I had always been involved in athletics on a junior and then a varsity level, however as I started to age my body started slowing down and the weight started to slowly but surely pack on. As of May of this year (2015) I hit a new low — I was terribly out of shape as I had put on over 40lbs in the last 2 years. I finally decided something had to change, I was not used to being so overweight, I was miserable, I hated the way I looked and I needed to do something about it now before I gained another 10 lbs and another year of my life — no more  procrastinating any longer. Now all I needed to do was to make a plan on how I could shed the weight and just do it! I joined Dynamic Health and Fitness June 1st, 2015 and began my weight loss/ feel good journey and this has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time for myself! It started with my diet, being a manager at the Columbia Square Boston Pizza I was tempted all the time with great food and pizza and believe me when I say this, tempted is an understatement when you see those great smelling and tasting pizza’s coming out of the oven how could I resist? However I’ve always believed everything is fine in moderation (even Boston Pizza), I started to watch my sugar intake, no empty calories or junk food, lower fat meals and one of the most important factors is smaller portions not seconds or thirds filling me up, as well I started a slow and steady exercise/workout regiment which is also half the battle. I’m not new to fitness or the gym at all, growing up surrounded by sports and athletes, (it had just been a few years) so I am very aware of what I needed to do, as well what works and generally speaking how to do it. One thing that definitely has helped was the Dynamic Fitness staff, the knowledgeable personal trainers and the encouragement ! Each and every day I come in the staff are cheerful, friendly and even ask what type of workout I was doing that day. The staff has helped me learn new exercises as well improving some classics. They have got to know me and my daily routines, we have a mutual respect for each other which I appreciate since most gyms do not care about the client like I have witnessed at Dynamic! I look forward to seeing them each and every day I’m there. The club offers so many options for all different age groups and fitness levels in regards to weight training, cardio machines and a multitude of classes — getting bored with a routine hasn’t been possible. The one thing I will stress is there is no magic bullet, magic diet, magic potion for losing weight, what you put into it is what you will get out of it and more. To say it has been easy would not be true at all if it was easy everyone would be doing it! There were many times in the last 3.5 months that I felt like not going to the gym but I had a goal in mind and stuck to it — which is the hardest thing to do — stick to it! I knew inside me that just needed to commit the time and energy and I knew it would eventually happen and it has!! As of September 15th, 2015, I’ve been coming in regularly to do some sort of exercise, so for the last 12+ weeks straight I have slowly dropped 40 lbs and gone from an embarrassing 245 lbs down to 205 lbs… and counting! I look forward to seeing what I can accomplish in another 3 months and with an amazing amount of support from Dynamic Health and Fitness, my friends, co-workers and family… thank you — with hard work and commitment — “Anything is possible!!” Good luck to anyone and everyone starting a weight loss/feel good journey like myself!


~ Derek Neilson 40 – Active Member since: June 2015

I’ve always gone regularly to the gym since university but about 6 years ago my job started to require travel. I gave up my gym membership and other classes, then tried for 3 years to use hotel gyms when I was traveling, and trying to drop into he community center when I was home. After changing jobs 3 years ago, I finally had the chance to get back to a regular gym routine and Dynamic Health and Fitness was fantastically within walking distance and had enough equipment so half the time there wasn’t spent waiting for someone else to finish! The staff have always been incredibly friendly, and when I managed to convince my husband to join, we got to know them better. This year, I felt I had done as much as I could by myself to lose the weight I had gained while traveling and, after my husband spent some time chatting to Brett, he convinced me to go talk to her, as we’d both noticed the amazing progress she’d made with other clients. Immediately Brett was on the case! She was friendly, honest and realistic in what we could, and should, achieve and has always been super supportive of the progress I’ve made. She said I needed to start eating more (yes!) and, to keep me from getting bored with the same routine, changes it up often, which also means I can
make better use of the facilities. She also goes above and beyond when trying to understand changing health goals, making sure she understands you and your own challenges. The gym is also amazing at supporting the local community and causes like Say No to Domestic Violence, so it makes you feel truly like a part of a neighborhood. To be honest, I feel like I’ve gained a friend in Brett, and it’s always good to have a friendly neighborhood place to drop off excess baked goods!

Heather 36 – Active member since: Nov. 2012